Cost & Performance Analysis and Monitoring

Your program is data rich and the information you handle is valuable. Whether it is your budget follow-up spreadsheets, your accounting or your project-monitoring database, this information is vital to the success of your organization. The ways you amass and manage this data is a key part of your operation.

We can perform an instant cost and cost-effectiveness analysis on a fixed period of implementation of your portfolio. It may be covering a period of 3 months or 3 years. The average price we charged for this service was US$12,500 depending on the program size and complexity.
Live Performance Analysis
We can perform a direct and live cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of your portfolio as it is implemented. You will be able to monitor, live, your resources allocation and their impact. The average price we charged for this service was ranging from from US$9,500 to US$15,000 per year depending on the complexity of the portfolio to be monitored. You can download our brochure here.
Technical assistance valuation
We can also assess the participation of your Technical Assistance component to your portfolio. We use the combination of cost analysis and Level of Effort Analysis to capture the scope and deployment of your TA team, to be finally linked to the impact of your program. Price on demand.

Your organization provides for a population with unlimited needs, but does so with limited resources. Making informed decisions about how to use these resources calls for careful analysis of data that exists within your program. Your team can assess how these limited resources are being allocated and with what cost and impact.


  • What is Cost Effectiveness Analysis?

    Cost effectiveness analysis – or CEA – is an approach to analysis that captures a uniquely holistic snapshot of an organization. By bringing together financial and operational information, CEA evaluates the relationship between an program’s expenditures and its performance. Namely, CEA breaks down financial costs associated with a program’s interventions and presents these costs in clear and actionable numerical values. This data is easily comparable and transferable, and assess the ways in which an organization can prioritize decisions based on their associated costs.
  • How does cost effectiveness analysis work?

    CEA is designed to provide transparency across an organization and to help personnel understand the ways in which every aspect of its operations have financial impacts. This comprehensive illustration of a program draws upon data gathered from seemingly insignificant sources. However, this information is key to painting an accurate picture of how an organization is utilizing its resources.

    Cost effectiveness analysis includes extensive collection of information concerning financial and human resources including personnel, training, and supplies on any or all sites. Financial costs associated with these resources are broken down and itemized, painting a discerning picture of the fiscal requirements of a program. These costs are then compared to the impact of each intervention. These costs are then weighed against the impact of each intervention. CEA can illustrate the structure of these costs and provide valuable insight into how these costs can be adjusted for maximum impact on a target population. Additionally, CEA can convey various intervention options and allow an organization to decide which intervention is most appropriate given its financial impact.

    For example, CEA can calculate the full cost to treat one patient on HAART for one year in a supported site or the real cost to give a nutrition package to a family and its dynamic over any period of time. CEA can calculate how many administrative resources or how much training is required in reaching one family in a community-based worker, or how capital-intensive it is to successfully treat one patient for TB. Essentially, CEA dissects a program and extracts vital financial information integral to its success. This dynamic appraisal of a program informs critical decisions of an organization in a medium that is broad in its utility.

  • How does CEA work at Urban Care?

    Urban Care’s team of experts is dedicated to providing excellence, sincerity, and confidentiality in all of our collaborations. A combination of expertise and innovative tools gives our team the unique ability to provide services tailored to your organization’s specific needs. We work closely with you and your team in developing a service that can hone in on your requirements and expectations.

    Unlike conventional cost effectiveness analysis that is characterized as exclusively retrospective, Urban Care employs its resources to also offer continued monitoring services that can convey the dynamic of your program over time. With these needs in mind, Urban Care has also developed Conztellation, an integrated monitoring interface that tracks and conveys key information on a continuous basis, allowing your team to track the dynamic of a program without the necessity of a middleman. Ask us how Conztellation can work for you.

    Our team works hard to offer your organization the services that it needs with the professionalism and attention it deserves. Urban Care is committed to doing what we do best – providing the best possible solutions for your organization.

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