Landscape Analysis

We have a solid experience in supporting NGOs in assessing opportunities and challenges in regard to their institutional development. We can perform for your organization a systematic review of the trends in your country and of sectors in relation to your objectives through desk literature and data review combined with direct interviews of professionals critical to your work such as donors‘ representative, international agencies program directors or national officials.

Our process usually consists in a review of your organization’s culture, your current portfolio of activities with the support of your managerial team, your fundraising processes and success over the past 3 years, and your strategic plan. Once we are in line with who you are and what you want to achieve as in institution, we move to the interviews. The process finishes by a direct feedback on our findings at your office, with your team.

This type of assignment can be coupled with a Level of Effort Analysis to get the full scope of your internal capacities, and cost and performance analysis to make objective your resources allocation, and their final impact.

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